Classes and a new KAL

We are so excited to have some wonderful teachers at SSK this year!  Included in your fee is one of the following classes!

Gale Zucker

Gale is a photographer, designer, author and knitter.  She is the coauthor of the wonderful books Craft Activism and Shear Spirit.  She has her own photography company, Gale Zucker Photography and a wonderful knitting/photography blog, She Shoots Sheep Shots.

Class 1:

Picture this: Making Your Yarn & Fiber Photos Sing

Class 2:

Hello Gorgeous! Fabulous FO Photography on Real Life Models


Jacey Boggs:

Leslie and I have taken multiple classes from Jacey and every time we learn more wonderful spinning techniques.  Jacey is the author of the book, Spin Art, numerous articles for Interweave, and the DVD, Spin Control.  She has recently started a brand new spinning magazine, PLY.  You can find Jacey’s blog here.

Class 1:

Back to the Draft ‐‐ There’s more than one way to draft and in this class, we’ll spend three hours covering 4 different drafting methods: short forward, short backward, point of contact long draw, and long draw from the fold. If you’ve been stuck in a rut or you just want to expand your spinning repertoire, this may be just the thing for you.

Class 2:

Big Spinning – In pursuit of perfect, thin, even yarn, we often lose the skills we started with‐‐ the skill of spinning a bulky yarn. This class will start with two fool‐proof methods for spinning durable, rythmic thick and thin yarns with just the right amount of twist. After thick and thin we’ll move on to all‐thick ‐‐ a bulky, even, low‐twist single.


Amy Christoffers

Amy is the genius behind Savory Knitting.  She has been published in Interweave Knits, Jared Flood’s Wool People, Twist Collective, Knitscene, and Knit.Wear.  She is know for her innovative sweater designs and stunning acessories.   If you’ve watched theknitgirllls, Leslie has made several of her designs.  You can find Amy’s blog here

Class 1:

How to Mod: how to take a pattern you like and change anything about it, gauge, sleeves, neckline etc. and make it work, and pitfalls to watch out for (when not to mod).

Class 2:

Finishing a sweater:

How to wrap up all the hard work of knitting with those final touches ‐ seaming, setting in sleeves, button placement and attachment, etc.


Susan B.  Anderson

Susan B. Anderson is best known for her fun and functional kids, toy, and accessory knits.  She has authored the books, Itty Bitty Hats, Itty Bitty Toys, Itty Bitty Nursery, and Spud and Chloe at the Farm.  She has published over 230 patterns and has a brand new book, Topsy-Turvey Inside-Out Knit Toys arriving at bookstores in March You have to see the video, it’s adorable!).  You can see all the sweetness that is Susan on her blog.

Class 1:

Design Your Own FairIsle Hat: Learn how to do two‐handed fair isle while creating your own hat and selecting your own colors and stitch patterns. Class will include how to do a Latvian Braid, different stitch patterns, catching long floats, short floats and two color rib. Lots of options, lots of fun while creating your own hat to show your personal style!

Class 2:

Design Your Own Seamless TopDown Raglan Baby Cardigan: I will provide a basic raglan, seamless topdown baby cardigan pattern with lots of options. The options include different edgings, closures, a hood, different styles of sleeves, etc. The cardigan sizes range from newborn to 2 years. In class we will be working on a newborn size (tiny!) so we can get through as much material as possible together during the allotted class time.

Class signups will occur in March, so stay tuned for details!  Like last year, for an extra fee per class, you will be able to take additional classes (I have my eyes on at least 3 classes if I can make it work)

If you haven’t been over to the ravelry group, we have a brand new KAL going on for even more door prize tickets.  We are knitting some of Amy’s lovely designs (I’m hoping to cast one of her new cowl patterns).  Like always if you use a yarn from one of our vendors, you’ll get even more door prize tickets.  You can find all the KAL details here.  Happy New Year and Happy Knitting!