SSK 2024 Schedule

Please click the PDF link below for the basic schedule of events for SSK.  Breakout signups will happen in early July 2024.

Schedule for SSK

Info for the Try It on Room:

The try it on room is a place to try on all kinds of hand knit garments and accessories to see if you might be interested in crafting them. It is Thursday night from 7-10. We have mirrors, but suggest bringing a phone or camera to take pictures of tags and garments on you. We are always willing to take pics for you!

If you would like to bring a hand knit garment for people to try on in the try it on room, we will reward you with 10 door prize tickets per sweater, 5 tickets per shawl, and 2 tickets per hat, mitts or cowl. We do ask that you limit your accessories to a total of 5 objects (shawls, hat, mitts). You can bring as many sweaters as you would like!

We ask that you tag you item with the following information:
Your Name
Pattern Name/Size Made
Yarn Used

Often times we have people willing to trade/sell garments that just don’t work for them. If you want to trade or sell a garment, you can also put that on there.
We do ask that all items be finished before they go in the try it on room.

Last but not least, we ask that all participants leave their name badges off when entering the try it on room. We will have a tag check area where you can leave your tags before you enter. There is no worse feeling than catching someone’s lovely hand knit sweater!