Doorprizes 2018 Post 1

We are so lucky to have so many fabulous doorprizes this year!  I’m going to be splitting them into 2-3 posts so that everyone can be shown the love!

A skein of yarn from Ladybug Fiber Company

Lots of lovely kits and mini skeins from Flock Fibre Studio

Kits from Queen City Yarn

Some skeins of Gynx Yarn donated by Emily Linneman

Skeins of a breed specific yarn from Foster Sheep Farm

A skein of Loop’s new artisanal millspun yarn from Loop

Bags from Frankelyy

Neat new face buttons from Hello Yarn

Unified Gradients from Fiberoptic Yarns

6 kits from Leading Men Fiber Arts

Loads of stitch markers and counters from Velvet Hippo

Vibrant skeins of yarn from Knitty and Color

Cool pins, stitch markers (cats!) and tin from Firefly Notes

A lovely shawl kit from Into the Whirled

A project bag and notions pouch donated by a viewer from Hikari Handmade

I’ll be back Thursday with even more cool doorprizes!