SSK Code of Conduct

It is important to us that every single person attending SSK is made to feel safe and welcome. In order to make this happen, all participants (retreat and market attendees, staff, vendors, and teachers) need to agree to the following code of conduct.

All participants at SSK will refrain from disorderly conduct.  This includes all behaviors that threaten the safety of others, is illegal, disruptive, discriminatory, or makes other guests or SSK staff feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

All participants at SSK will listen to SSK staff, Vanderbilt employees, and law enforcement personnel.

Alcohol, drugs, and weapons are prohibited on Scarritt Bennett campus and from SSK.

If participants at SSK refuse to follow the above code of conduct, they will be asked to leave SSK and no refunds will be given. Additional consequences such as banning from the event or legal action may also occur for severe actions.

This policy is subject to change at any time. You will always find the most recent version of the Code of Conduct here.