SSK 2022 Details

SSK 2022

SSK is returning to the Scarritt Bennett Center for 2022!  The event will be held from July 20-24, 2022.

There are two options for participants.  The first is the event with lodging on campus.  The second “daypass” option is for people who are finding their own housing or live local.

Option 1 (full event including lodging):

Total cost for option 1 is $825

What’s included in the $825?

  • Lodging at the Scarritt Bennett Center Wednesday-Saturday.  Please be aware that while you do have your own room, you will be sharing a bathroom with 1 other person.  These are less fancy than your standard hotel room, but do include wifi.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks Thursday-Saturday.  Cupcakes on Wednesday.  Breakfast on Sunday.   We do accommodate people with different dietary needs.
  • 1 three hour class with one of our fabulous teachers (you can take up to 3 additional classes at an added cost of $60 per class).
  • An amazing goodie bag with lots of neat stuff!
  • A chance to win awesome doorprizes.
  • Entrance to a market with lots of cool vendors
  • Getting to hang out with tons of cool knitters and spinners who love all the same things you do!
  • The Tasting Room and Try It on Room
  • Fun knitalongs, random prizes, and other fun stuff in the Ravelry group.

Option 2 (daypass):

The cost of option 2 is $525

This includes all of the above EXCEPT lodging at the Scarritt Bennett Center.

You can sign up for the lottery until 3/5/22  sign up link is here

When you enter, you should receive an automated response letting you know that we received your entry.

We wish we had room for everyone, but based on historical numbers, we have more people apply than there is available space.  If we have more than 150 total entries, a random number generator will choose spots.